The Lost Essence of Freemasonry

If you are a free man, it is yourself  and not your Masonic organization who decides, which loges you may visit. If you are not a free man, you are not a Freemson at all.

Freemasonry is an esoteric teaching which probably goes back to antiquity and which had a bloom as the philosophic and the psychological background of alchemy. In contrary to what people usually believe, alchemy was not about making the metal gold but about transforming the plumb part of men symbolized by lead (plumbum in Latin) to something noble - symbolized by gold. In other words alchemy dealt with transforming the plumb man to a noble man just like the goal of freemasonry.

Around the year 1700 there was a shift in paradigm concerning worldview, which changed the world, and which almost killed the profound esoteric freemasonry. Before this period the worldview was mythical. You saw the world through mythical eyeglasses, and what was experienced, was a world, which was full of angels, devils, fairies, elves, trolls and other special forces, and it was believed that these forces in a miraculous way could repeal the laws of nature. Alchemy was part of this mythical view of the world. It contained the science of that time but at the same time it contained profound philosophy and psychology, which was only partly characterized as mythical.

Around 1700 happened then the shift in paradigm to what has been called the Enlightenment or the Rationalistic age. The Enlightenment and the rationalistic worldview was in diametrical opposition to the mythical view of the world, and the men of the Enlightenment fought obstinately against the mythical worldview. This fight against all that was not rational went over rails, because at that time people did not know that man has both a rational left half of the brain and a irrational right half of the brain. The left half of the brain works digitally, while the right half of the brain works analogically. Without the use of the analogically working half of the brain there is a lot in our lives, which we cannot get knowledge of including the secrets of freemasonry. That is why symbols are so important in freemasonry. From a symbol the right half of the brain can draw an analogy to something, which lies beyond the view sphere of the left half of the brain. If we only count on that which is rational, we simply miss the half of our lives. As the secrets of freemasonry can only be grasped with the right half of the brain, a system of freemasonry, which does not speak to the analogically working right half of the brain, is not freemasonry, regardless of its name of freemasonry. In the rationalistic age the only objects, which could be accepted as real, was those which could be perceived with the rational left part of the brain i.e. the rational, the logic and that which can be measured or weighted or the reality of which can be found with the help of the senses or by help of instruments. This led to a situation, where all, which was calculated to be perceived with the right half of the brain including the esoteric part of freemasonry, was rejected. What was left of freemasonry was only that, which could be understood with the left half of the brain, while the part of freemasonry, which should talk to the right half of the brain, slipped more or less out of freemasonry. And as people during the storm of Enlightenment felt ashamed if they had anything with alchemy to do, the freemasons of that age concealed and repressed their alchemistic inheritance. Instead they invented a canard saying that freemasonry originated from the huts of the medieval stonemasons. But if you look into the right old books, the close connection between freemasonry and alchemy is evident. It is first after the publishing of books like C.G. Jung's "Psychology and Alchemy" and "Mysterium Coniunctionis" as well as Emma Jung and M.L. von Franz's "The Grail Legend" that the valuable content in alchemy has been brought back to ligh.

In England freemasonry was infected by the British club system and was so razed by the rationalists, that most English freemasonry today is actually only a system of morality in club form. English freemasons usually work according to the Emulation Rite, which is so poor that it hardly can be called freemasonry. In the Emulation Rite freemasonry has been robbed of almost everything, which could talk to the right halv of the brain. It did not go quite so wrong on the European continent and in America, and therefore there has for centuries been a divergence between English freemasnry on one side and Continental and American freemasonry on the other side. Generally it is so that freemasonry in England and its former colonies is poor freemasonry, where the 3 basic degrees need to be supplemented by high degrees, while freemasonry on the European Continent and in the U.S.A. usually is more profound, so that the 3 basic degrees can stand alone and not necessary need to be supplemented by high degrees.

To judge freemasonry you must investigate, how much of the freemasonry in question, which consists of symbols, and how much is only words. You must also investigate how many of the landmarks from the alchemistic philosophy, which are still to be found in the rituals of the freemasonic system. This is not easy, for although very much from the mythical age rightly is considered as superstition there are other items from that age, which the rational half of the brain wants us to consider as superstition, but which in reality is esoteric wisdom, wisdom which can be perceived by the right half of the brain, but which the left half of the brain cannot understand and valuate, and which therefore is rejected by people, who in their conscious life mostly use their left half of the brain.  It is by the judgment of a system of freemasonry also crucial to see, if the ceremonies only consist of words, which only speak to the rational left half of the brain, or whether it also consists of strong symbols, which by help of analogies tell the analogically working right half of the brain something, which cannot be perceived by the rational half of the brain. Another problem in freemasonry is, that many lodges are so eager to get new members, that they accept members, who are completely unable to grasp the esoteric part of freemasonry. When these members advance in freemasonry, they get the power to determine but do not have the wisdom to make the right decisions.There are many different systems of freemasonry in the world. Do not think that you can choose by choosing the biggest, for the biggest may be the poorest, and the smallest may be the most profound. Be cautious if the Masonic organization forbids its members to visit lodges from other Masonic organizations, because only poor freemasonry has a reason to prevent its members from seeing how freemasonry is practiced elsewhere.

During the last centuries a lot of the Masonic essence has been lost. Hopefully will the lectures in this website help bringing the lost essence back to freemasonry.

The picture to the left is from "Philosophia Naturalis" 1560 and shows many usual freemasonic symbols and man consisting of the four elements: earth which symbolizes the physical part of man, air which symbolizes the intellectual part of man, water which symbolizes the emotional part of man, and fire which symbolizes spirit and consciousness.

The picture to the right with square and compasses symbolizes the union of male and female characteristics (animus and anima i CG Jungs terminologi), or in other words the union of the left half of the brain with the right half of the brain.The united man rests on the dragon, which again rests on "the round" (the philosopher's stone with the squaring of the circle and the union of the male triangle with the female square) .The picture is from "Viatorium Spagiricum 1625 and an even older woodcut in" De Occulta Philosophia" from 1531

The picture above is from "Philosophia Reformata 1622. Notice the hands of  the men, who surround the person who shows" The Royal Art ". This picture shows freemasonry in the Middle Ages and has no relation at all to huts of  medieval stone masons. It was people, who could read and write the international language Latin, who dealt with these subjects. The stone masons of this age could probably neither read nor write their own native language.

If you want admittance to a collection of Freemasonic lectures, you can click on the degree to which you want admittance. The lectures are only available for freemasons. Your username will be Freemason with a capital F. The passwords are known by all freemasons and are written in lowercase. As the passwords are spelt differently in different countries I must give you a little guidance:

In the first degree the first letter is b. Do not use the letter h and if you use to spell the password with  the letter s use another letter in stead. 

In the second degree the first letter is j. If you use to spell it with ch, use the letter k in stead.

In the third degree the first letter is t. The password is written in one word and without a hyphen. Use the letter k for c. The password has some relationship to a metal artist.

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